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PL - 2800 fully automatic PE package machine

PL - 2800 fully automatic PE package machine

Usage: this unit is mainly used in the finishing workshop of cotton textile mill, printing and dyeing factory and knitting factory.


1. Check and roll the fabric by inspecting the cloth rolling machine.

2. The cloth shall be transported to the storage cloth or directly by the conveyor to complete the work of the cloth.

3. After the storage work is finished, it will automatically enter the conveyor line.

4. The front conveyor line will be transported to the PE film automatic packaging machine for automatic packaging.

5. After the packaging is finished, the belt conveyor will be delivered to the terminal belt conveyor.

6. The end belt conveyor will deliver the packaged cloth to the heat shrinker.

7. The heat-shrinkable machine contracts the packaging PE film in an all-round way, making the packing compact and smooth.

8. The roller conveyor will cool down the finished product and put the cloth into the storage platform.

9. The storage platform will cool down the finished product twice, and will not be able to carry out the storage of the cloth in short time. Or from a hoist into a storage vehicle.

Note: the number of the front conveyor and the storage conveyor can be configured according to the customer's requirements.

Main equipment configuration of packaging machine:

Main configuration equipment:

1. The number of test machine is selected by the customer.

2. Selected by the customer of the cloth belt conveyor.

3. Automatic PE film packaging machine.

4. A cloth belt conveyor one.

5. One of the heat-shrinkable machine.

6. Turn over the cloth conveyor one,

7. Storage rack one.

Main parameters:

1. Size of inspection machine: 2500*1600*1900MM.

2. Size of packaging machine: 4000*2700*2200MM.

3. Shrinkage machine size: 3500*800*1700MM.

4. Speed: 4-6 rolls/min.

5. Packing diameter: 100-500mm.

6. Packing length: 900-2400mm.

7. Voltage: 380V.

8. Testing machine power: 2.2KW.

9. Total power of packaging machine: 11KW. (actual 6KW)

10. Thermal compressor power: 32KW (actual 11KW)

11. Roller conveyor: decelerating motor 200W.

12. Belt conveyor: deceleration motor 200W.

13. Use air pressure: pressure 5-7kg/cm2. (customer preparation)